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CCTV Internal Mic Microphone, Adjustable Gain, 30m Range, 80m2 Coverage 12v

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CCTV Internal Microphone with Adjustable Gain Control 

Features Power Pass through (Power In + out) i.e. Can be powered from the existing power supply from a nearby camera
1. Connecting the existing power supply into the Mic Power input
2. Connect the power output into the nearby camera

Small Wide Range, Adjustable Sensitivity Microphone Ideal add-on to your existing or new CCTV System. Simply plug into your DVR, NVR or IP Camrera Audio In Connection, connect a 12v Dc Power supply. No Need to run a separate power supply as this microphone has power input + a power output so you can just use the power supply from a nearby camera.

  • Indoor use only. (not waterproof) 
  • Omni-directional: Picks up audio from all directions
  • Adjustable Gain Control (sensitivity)
  • Low noise High Fidelity Great for security monitoring
  • Connection Range up to 30 Metres away.
  • Monitoring Scope up to 80m2
  • Audio Output: RCA Female
  • Sensitivity : 200mA/ubar, adjustable
  • Electrical current : 200mA
  • Work Voltage: DC12V
  • Frequency: 100-100 KHZ
  • Size: 39mm*30mm*18mm

Can be installated on ceilings, walls, in suspended ceilings, cashier/till, desk at your business, behind a sofa inside a living room, etc.

Use our Professional Microphone Connection KIT to connect this microphone to a DVR, NVR or IP Camera (with audio out) available HERE

ex. vat £8.33 £10.00

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