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CCTV External Outdoor Mic Microphone, Clearspeach, 30m Range, 80m2 Coverage 12v

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CCTV External Waterproof Microphone with High Gain

Features Power Pass through (Power In + out) i.e. Can be powered from the existing power supply from a nearby (non poe) 12v camera
1. Connecting the existing power supply into the Mic Power input
2. Connect the power output into the nearby camera

Small,  Wide Range, Microphone Ideal add-on to your existing or new CCTV System. Simply plug into your DVR, NVR or IP Camrera Audio In Connection, connect a 12v Dc Power supply. No Need to run a separate power supply as this microphone has power input + a power output so you can just use the power supply from a nearby camera.

  • Outdoor Use Waterproof 
  • Omni-directional: Picks up audio from all directions
  • Low noise High Fidelity Great for security monitoring
  • Connection Range up to 30 Metres away.
  • Monitoring Scope up to 80m2
  • Audio Output: RCA Female
  • Sensitivity : 200mA/ubar, adjustable
  • Electrical current : 20mA
  • Work Voltage: DC12V
  • Frequency: 100-100 KHZ
  • Size: 39mm*30mm*18mm

Can be installated on soffit, roofspace, ceilings, walls, in suspended ceilings, cashier/till, desk at your business, behind a sofa inside a living room, etc.

Use our Professional Microphone Connection KIT to connect this microphone to a DVR, NVR or IP Camera (with audio out) available HERE

ex. vat £13.33 £16.00

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