How to Configure IP Mini PTZ 10x Bullet Camera to work directly with a Hikvision NVR

1. In the NVR menu click on Camera management and chose an empty channe: and note the IP adress stated
In the example below this is Channel 2 (D2) with the IP adress
Hikvision NVR Camera Config

2. Click on the little text icon in the 'Edit' column on that channel which opens up a new box:
Change the settings to:
Adding Method: PlugnPlay-->Manual
Admin Password: admin--> change to the same password as set on the NVR, or any password you set on the camera in the next steps

Hikvision NVR Camera Config

3. Download and install SADP if not done so already HERE.  This tool will enable you to locate the camera on your network regardless of the IP adress.Run SADP and make a note of the camera IP adress

4. Plug the Camera into your router and power the camera with a 12v supply or a PoE switch.

5. Use IE (chrome does not curently work) and type the IP address(in 3 above) and login into the camera (default username & pass is admin/admin)
In Configuration settings change the Ip settings as below:
: (in example above - yours will be the channel you choose in the NVR)
IPv4 Default Gateway: 192.168.254,1
IPv4 DNS Server:

Click on user and change the admin password to the same as the NVR password
Then click Save

Hikvision NVR Camera Config

6. Plug the camera into the port chosen in 1 above (ensure both passwords match: in camera menu & Camera config in NVR)

Please see video below if still unclear: