Reason of Upgrade Newly add several new functions and fix some small bugs existing on previous firmware version 3.3.1, so as to improve the performance of Hikvision Turbo HD DVRs.

Firmware Updates New Features

i. Newly support more events alarm notification to ivms-4500 (also need the new version of ivms-4500 to be released); a. Analog channel : 4 basic events (IO Alarm, Video Tampering, Video Loss, Motion Detection), and 4 VCA events: Sudden Scene Change, Audio Exception Detection ,Line Crossing Detection, Intrusion Detection ; b. IP channel: 4 Basic Events (IO Alarm, Video Tampering, Video Loss, Motion Detection), and all VCA events ;

ii. Newly support sending email with alarm pictures when the VCA events are triggered for IP channels. The picture is captured by DVR itself, so it may cause the delay.

iii. Newly support ISAPI alarm notification for 3rd party integration: /ISAPI/event/notification/alertStream.

iv. Support zoom control between DS-1005K USB keyboard and Turbo DVRs, while only pan and tilt supported on version 3.3.1;

v. Increase noise reduction and improve the image quality under long distance transmission.

vi. Fix the issue that DVR can't acquire DNS address successfully under DHCP when the preferred DNS is configured, while alternate DNS is not on the router;

vii. Fix the issue that it will pop-up 2 audio outputs for choosing(two way audio 1 & two way audio 2) when enable two way audio remotely for 7200HQHI-E, actually this model only has 1 audio output interface. viii. Better compatible with YAHOO mail regarding on EMAIL Sending function;

ix. Solve the abnormal reboot issue while do PTZ operation on web browser; x. Other bug fixes

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Download V3.3.2, build 151123 HERE