1. Supports Visitor Mode (not available in North America).
a) Supports adding devices via Cloud P2P without registration.
b) Supports sharing devices with others by scanning his/her QR code in visitor mode.
c) Supports changing user type from visitor to official user by registering via email address or phone number.

2. Supports manually unbinding the device from its current account via the app (not available in North America).

3. Supports manually configuring the alarm output of NVR or DVR after the device being added via Hik-Connect domain.

4. Adds new alarm types, including illegal login, record/capture exception, hot spare exception, accessory board exception, and HDD SHM detection exception.

5. Supports displaying the statuses of multiple HDDs in a NVR or DVR.


1. Optimizes registration procedures.
a) Deletes the country/region selection procedure in registration. Supports searching countries and regions.
b) Supports going back to the previous pages to modify phone number or email address, and prompting the users if the format of the phone number is incorrect.
c) Display the Register by Phone Number page by default when start registration.

2. Optimizes device adding procedures.
a) Shortens wait time for adding a device from 120s to 90s.
b) Provides self-help solutions when the user fails to add device(s).
c) In the last step for adding a device, the port configuration page is not displayed by default and can be displayed optionally.
d) Deletes camera management page displayed after adding a NVR or DVR. Supports manage cameras of NVR or DVR in device settings page.
e) Change the “inactive” displayed on device settings page to “Not Set” to avoid the misunderstanding that the device is inactivated.

3. Enhances the success rate for scanning the QR codes generated from devices. (iOS)

4. Enhances the streaming speed and the success rate of acquiring streams.

5. Enhances the success rate of receiving SMS in registration.

6. Supports enabling or disabling receiving push notifications of alarm information. (iOS)
7. Shortens the time to enter the live view page from the floating window. (iOS)
8. Optimizes user interaction for the configuration of motion detection area of the wireless doorbell.
9. Adds risky password prompt when activating device. The password which contains the user name is regarded as a risky password.


1. Fixes crashes during playback. (iOS)

2. Fixes display exception of the Wi-Fi configuration page when the app system language is French. (iOS)

3. Fixes crashes of live view on Samsung Note8. (Android)

4. Reminds users to ensure that the wireless doorbell and the phone are in the same LAN when adding the device, thus avoiding the problem that the device may fails to be activated.

5. Fixes the bug that the video security control panel fails to play the linked videos of the alarm notifications


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  • Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The Hikvision product may contain defects or errors known as errata which may cause the product to deviate from Published specifications. Current characterized errata are available on request.
  • Hikvision is not liable for any typing or printing errors

Hik-Connect v3.5 How-to Guides:

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