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IP over Coax Extender / Converter to 220m, Supports 8MP (4K) IP Cameras

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Netview IP Camera Extender over Coax with Surge Protection
upto 220m @10/100Mbps using Coaxial RG59 Cable 

8MP (4K) IP Camera compatible
Ideal for upgrading existing analogue CCTV to an IP System

The Netview NV-JXIPB extender is an Ethernet over co-axial video solution. It has a standard RJ-45 network connector one side and a co-axial BNC connector on the other. They are used in pairs and installing them is extremely simple. One unit is connected to each end of the co-axial cable with the BNC connectors thus providing a straight RJ45 to RJ45 network connection from end to end across the existing cabling. This connection instantly operates as a half/full-duplex 100BaseT Ethernet connection and is completely transparent to any network device. The device has no MAC address or IP address and requires no power or set-up whatsoever 

The Netview NV-JXIPB Extender turns any analogue video cable into a high-speed network connection. This allows the replacement of analogue cameras with IP cameras without installation of any new cabling, which can save substantial system cost.

Netview NV-JXIPB Key features:

  • Uses legacy analogue video cabling cutting installation costs
  • High transfer speed allows megapixel cameras or multiple IP cameras to run across a single co-ax cable connection
  • Fully transparent. Will fully support any network device &. non-detectable on the network
  • Fast & Easy to install. The device requires no network configuration, has no IP or MAC address
  • Can operate at  full speed of 10/100mbps at lengths of 220m
  • Supports 8MP (4K) IP Cameras
  • Auto adapts. Where cable length, quality or interference prevents full rate operation the device will auto-adapt lowering the total bandwidth as necessary
  • Designed to fit inside camera housings and use the camera power supply
  • Built in Surge Protection
  • High Quality & performance

Applications: IP Video, CCTV, Networking, Transportation, Elevators & mechanisms, Basically anywhere there's Coax!

ex. vat £24.17 £29.00

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Excellent Review by Brookes
Product Rating
Had my doubts initially that something so cheap would work wth 8mp ip cameras using my old coax cable but turned out to work very well and very easy to fit. highly recommended (Posted on 13/03/2019)
Works well very good price Review by Dean
Product Rating
Had an old analog system with existing coax cables that were a pain to replace so after doing a bit of research tried these and worked perfectly and even my ip ptz camera worked with all the controls using these converters on my old coax cable. price was a bargain compared to others i was looking at. (Posted on 12/02/2019)
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